stories in nature

Cristina Gutiérrez, director of La Granja, in L’ofici d’educar in Catalunya Ràdio, with Elisabet Pedrosa, provides us with stories in nature that will make you reflect at home or in the classroom.

A space where nature, children and emotions produce moments of pure magic! Choose the subject or issue that you wish to work on with your children/pupils, listen together and then talk about it!

alba and the rain

This is the story of Alba, a 4 year old girl who was walking in the forest when it started to rain… after getting wet, she said with surprise: “I showered under the forest rain and nothing happended!”. The rain was fun, healthy and refreshing, and brought her in contact with nature. Dare to build your child’s reality as close to nature as possible?

riding a horse in spite of fear

This is the story of Sergi, who was scared of getting on a horse. Working with horses at La Granja, Sergi understood that being brave is getting on the horse in spite of being afraid.

Cristina Gutiérrez encourages us not to overprotect our children and give them the chance to discover the range of their own possibilities.

queralt and self-esteem

This is the story of Queralt, a girl who left a mark after her visit to La Granja, due to her wisdom, strength and consistency. Queralt has a variety of functional disorders and, even so, thanks to her courage she did all the activities proposed, including the Indiana Jones adventure circuit.

Queralt’s presence allowed the group to train things such as self-esteem, working as a team and positive communication; and Queralt won everyone’s admiration.

nuria and the forest

This is the story of Nuria, who was only five years old when she attended La Granja; along with the rest of the children, she was invited to listen to the sounds of the forest. After this experience she said: “the forest gives us music!”

Cristina Gutiérrez tells us how their observation at La Granja has shown that the forest modulates the behaviour of children thanks to this natural music.

laura and the path of life

This is the story of Laura, a 12 year old girl who came to La Granja for a visit with her secondary school classmates to work on empathy and respect.

During the activity known as “the path of life”, walking barefoot over different textures, Laura discovered what made her most uncomfortable: cold water… and how she could face up to it, and thus identify emotional resources that could be useful for her every day life and relations with others.

luc and cohesion

This is the story of Luc, who came into the office at La Granja looking for the cap he had lost. While Cristina returned the cap and gave him a hug saying it was time to leave, she asked him: What are you taking with you from this week spent here Luc? And he answered: “we used to be like loose pieces of paper and now we are stuck together with sticky tape”.

What did Luc mean? Cristina encourages us to be the “sticky tape” for the people we love.

nayale and empathy

This is the story of Nayale, a defiant little fighter, who very few dared to challenge.

During the activity known as “Weaving new relations”, where we work on empathy, surrounded by the serenity of the forest in the middle of nature, each one explains one of their best moments in life, and one of their worst; and then it was Nayale’s turn.