summer emotional day camp

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activities, safety, protocols and cancellation rules.

We have integrated the Procicat Covid-19 procedures at La Granja since the summer of 2020. Last year was the moment of truth and we learned not only how to guarantee a safe environment but also to provide the powerful and intense atmosphere of bonding and trust that is our trademark. As proved by the KIDS CORONA de SJD scientific study, summer camps are safe spaces for children to relate and live together.

It is important to fulfill children’s vital need to be in contact with nature, especially the forest (walking through the woods for 4 hours improves our immunological system). Interacting with other children in shared spaces has become urgent in our present context of a pandemic.

Many things are forbidden. But let us focus on what we are allowed to do… and MAKE THE MOST OF IT for the wellbeing of our children. Let’s be brave and show confidence, since this is what they need most now.

Our proposal? Training in emotional management, with activities carried out in the middle of the Montseny Natural park; both fun and intense, with the use of horses, farm animals, and adventure activities that will provide children and teenagers with practical tools for their everyday experience. Resources that will also be shared by parents, by the way!!!



You will learn about the surprise common thread for the summer of 2021 in June!!!


  • Daily emotional adventure activities such as The Mission, Guiding or Being guided, Dare to Leap, Sailing as a Team, and so on
    • Horseback riding with the class. Emotional activities such as Leadership, fear management or team work.
    • Daily swimming pool and sports
    • Activities with farm animals, in the forest and the vegetable garden.

one day schedule

08:30am Bus pickup or Good Morning service onsite
09:00am Arrival and breakfast (brought from home)
10:00am Activities
1:00pm Lunch (homemade)
2:00pm School homework (primary students)
3:00pm Activities
4:00pm Pool
5:00pm Afternoon snack
5:15pm Departure by bus or parents pickup

Schedule for arrival and departure

3-4 year olds Main 9.20am 5.00pm
5 year olds Main 9.00am 5.15pm
1st 2nd grade In the field 9.20am 5.00pm
3rd 4th grade In the field 9.00am 5.15pm
5th-6th + HIGH SCHOOL In the field 8.45am 5.30pm
what should they bring? list of material and how we operate
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what do parents think?

“It has helped him to construct a part of his personality, at a functional and also emotional level, with new friends, different situations and values…”

registration open from january 9th!!!

Breathing in the midst of nature, horseback riding, listening to silence in the forest, laughing, overcoming fears, making friends, liking yourself, petting a rabbit, inspiring positive thoughts, inviting to take action, running freely, training important skills for life such a empathy, positive communication or self-esteem…

We offer a day camp surrounded by nature, in the Montseny Natural Park, with monitors who are emotional educators trained in the  methodology of La Granja.

Because summer should be fully and utterly ENJOYED!!!

Open House Days in 2021: 30th March, 17th and 18th April, 24th May and 5th June. 

Time: information meeting at 11am. 

If onsite open house cannot take place due to the present pandemic situation, we will arrange an online session with ZOOM.

Register here.

For more information call 93 848 11 25  and ask for Laura or Olga or send an email to Our office hours are 10am to 4pm.

The Summer Day Camp at La Granja is one of our most potent activities due to its design and duration, upto 5 weeks in July and 2 weeks in August. They are fun, powerful, intense and safe, with trained accredited professionals who work at La Granja all year round.

This year we will focus on emptying out the negative emotions produced by the lockdown (fear, anger, anxiety and sadness) to leave space for filling in with positive emotions such as calm, joy, patience, excitement and courage.

You can be reassured that they are in good hands with us because everything we do has a reason that goes beyond what is usually expected… every activity has a specific purpose, to help them discover their talents, abilities and skills, which are very often hidden. We talk about things such as empathy, to help them understand each other; and self-esteem, to acquire a good feeling about themselves; and positive communication which is vital for having healthy social relations; and team work which is essential for everyday living; and inner strength which we all want for our children because we know it will help them get up when they fall.

The ability to concentrate, to listen and to speak, to help others, to overcome fears, to do things without needing the presence of an adult, to solving conflicts, to loosing the fear of speaking up about their concerns, to expressing affection… all this is what we mean by Emotional Education.

This is what we do every summer, also offering a daily Bus Service. And we can proudly say this is what we do because a Scientific Study performed by the GROP (Research Group in Educational Orientation)  of the University of Barcelona has proved our results. After passing through La Granja children have increased self-awareness (acknowledging their skills), improved self-confidence and trust in others, higher self-esteem and level of emotional regulation; in other words, they are capable of regulating their behaviour better when they don’t get what they want. This also comes with a degree of training in courage, which we all need, and they will have the chance to put into play in a safe environment surrounded by a feeling of wellbeing.

It is traditional every summer to have a common thread which is portrayed in the form of a story that that will be read by both parents and children during the Summer camp. It will be an extraordinary story that will develop during these days which you will be able to follow from home, because we want the camp experience with us to be shared by children and parents!!!

prices and dates 2021:


  • 5 weeks: 28th June to 30th July: 830 € (without bus 765 €).
  • 4 weeks: 725 € (without bus 665 €). Weeks must be consecutive.
  • 3 weeks: First 3 or last 3: 615 € (without bus 570€)
  • 2 weeks: First 2 or last 2: 420 € (without bus 390 €)
  • 1 week: First or last: 220 € (without bus 205 €)
Bus schedule and routes for July at the end of the page


  • 2 weeks: 2nd to 13th August: 420 € (without bus 390 €)
  • 1 week: First or second: 220 € (without bus 205 €)

(If you have attended in July and are also coming in August, you can mark the discount option for week continuity)

BUS SCHEDULE FOR AUGUST IS APPROXIMATE  (final schedule will be established on the second day):

  • Mollet – Parque de Can Mulá : 8’25am- 6’20pm
  • Granollers- Sagalés Station: 8’40am- 6’00pm
  • Cardedeu- in front of Ricó Bakery: 9’00am –  5’40am
  • Stops in Llinars del Vallès if requested

These are the standard weeks, with and without bus service; if you need other options you must consult by phone about availability and prices.


For more information call 93 848 11 25 or send an e mail to


Steps to be followed:
  1. Enter the following link INSCRIPCION  to reserve weeks and bus stop if needed. Fill in the registration sheet (you will have to make a 120€ payment with card). If you do not complete the process the reservation will be kept for 48 hours. After this time has passed, it will automatically disappear and you will not be able to recover it.
  2. For more info please send an email to: or call 93 848 11 25 (Olga and Laura)
  3. The rest of the payment will be made before camp begins at our offices, starting May 25th.

Registration open from January 9th.

Click here aquí to learn about the app that will allow you to follow the camp activities.


bus schedule and stops for summer 2021

You must check availability in the following table. If you don’t find what you need call 93 848 11 25.

Scheduled times are approximate: if there are any changes these will be confirmed during the first week.


nº de autocarhorarios salida/llegadaparadaDisponibilidad
Autocar 18:30/18:10hMOLLET (Parque Can Mulà)Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:10h.Pocas plazas disponibles: semana 12 al 16 de Julio CERRADA
Autocar 28:20/18:00hGRANOLLERS (Central Sagalés)DIRECTO, ideal para mayores por el horario. Llegada a la granja sobre las 9:00h.Pocas plazas disponibles. Semana del 5 al 9 de Julio CERRADA
Autocar 38:30/18:15hLA GARRIGA c/ de Guifre (parking de tierra) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.Plazas disponibles
8:40/18:05hLES FRANQUESES (parada en la rotonda del Ayuntamiento) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.
8:55/17:50hHOSPITAL (parada de bus en la calle del Hospital, delante del Alaska) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.
Autocar 58:10/18:30hBARCELONA (Pl. Alfonso Comín - Isaac Newton) Horario aproximado. Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:30hPlazas disponibles
8:40/18:00hBADALONA (Hotel Rafael) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:30h
9:00//17:45hARGENTONA (rotonda de les palmeres) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:30h
Autocar 68:20/18:10hMOLLET (Parque Can Mulà) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:10h.Plazas disponibles
8:30/18:00hPARETS DEL VALLES (C/ Victor Catala-camp de futbol)
En caso de coincidir con la Fiesta Mayor, se cambiará la parada. Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:10h.
Autocar 78:30/18:10hGRANOLLERS (rotonda estación de tren centre)Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:00h.Disponibilidad a partir del 12 de Julio
8:40/18:20hGRANOLLERS (Central Sagalés)Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:00h.
Autocar 88:30/18:20hMOLLET (Can Borrell (delante supermercado Esclat)) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.Plazas disponibles
9:00/17:50hCARDEDEU (delante pastisseria Ricò) Llegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.
9:05/17:40hLLINARS Ida: Granja Ginesta Vuelta: delante del pabellónLlegada a la Granja sobre las 9:15h.