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con equitación. para niños y niñas de 1º de primaria a 2º de eso

activities, safety, protocols and cancellation rules.

We have integrated the Procicat Covid-19 procedures at La Granja since the summer of 2020. Last year was the moment of truth and we learned not only how to guarantee a safe environment but also to provide the powerful and intense atmosphere of bonding and trust that is our trademark. As proved by the KIDS CORONA de SJD scientific study, summer camps are safe spaces for children to relate and live together.

It is important to fulfill children’s vital need to be in contact with nature, especially the forest (walking through the woods for 4 hours improves our immunological system). Interacting with other children in shared spaces has become urgent in our present context of a pandemic.

Many things are forbidden. But let us focus on what we are allowed to do… and MAKE THE MOST OF IT for the wellbeing of our children. Let’s be brave and show confidence, since this is what they need most now.

Our proposal? Training in emotional management, with activities carried out in the middle of the Montseny Natural park; both fun and intense, with the use of horses, farm animals, and adventure activities that will provide children and teenagers with practical tools for their everyday experience. Resources that will also be shared by parents, by the way!!!



You will learn about the surprise common thread for the summer of 2021 in June!!!



  • Horseback riding (with the class) and daily swimming.

  • Emotional Activities: The thermometer of Self-esteem. The climbing wall of emotional awareness. Mission Possible for team work. Sailing as a team for training confidence. To Guide or to be Guided for working on responsibility.

  • Activities in the forest and with farm animals.


  • Disco, games with flashlights, stories and observation of the sky, night trekking and farewell party.


08:30am Good morning and leaving bedroom tidy

09:00am Breakfast and getting ready for activity


11:30am Preparing for pool


1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Recess (board games, ping-pong, …)


5:00pm Afternoon snack


7:00pm Shower and tidying room

8:00pm Dinner


10:00pm Getting ready for bed

11:00pm Good night


It is a tradition with us every summer to have a common thread which is portrayed in the form of a story that both parents and children will read during their stay (parents at home and children with us). It will be an extraordinary story that will develop during these days, which you will be able to feel from home; when you come to pick them up, you will have also experienced a little of what we do here, learning some of the same things that you can continue to train at home.

Emotional Summer Camps are one of the star activities at La Granja, due to their great impact and results. They are fun, safe, performed by accredited trained professionals who work here all year round and have become models at an international level.

The common thread we will follow in 2021 will try to make us empty out  negative emotions (fear, anger, anxiety, and sadness) and fill ourselves with positive ones such as calm, joy, patience, excitement and courage.

You can be reassured that they are in good hands with us because everything we do has a reason that goes beyond what is usually expected… every activity has a specific purpose, to help them discover their talents, abilities and skills, which are very often hidden. We talk about things such as empathy, to help them understand each other; and self-esteem, to acquire a good feeling about themselves; and positive communication which is vital for having healthy social relations; and team work, which is essential for everyday living; and inner strength, which we all want for our children because we know it will help them get up when they fall.

We do all this in only one week. And we can say this because a Scientific Study performed by the GROP (Research Group in Educational Orientation) of the University of Barcelona has proved its results.  After passing through La Granja children have increased self-awareness, improved self-confidence and trust in others, higher self-esteem and level of emotional self-regulation; in other words, they are capable of regulating their behaviour better when they don’t get what they want. This also comes with a degree of training in courage, which we all need, and they will have the chance to put into play in a safe environment surrounded by a feeling of well-being.

Registration open from January 9th.

our monitors are emotional educators trained in the la granja method*

During the camp they will provide motivation, cohesion and group control working on emotional aspects such as emotional awareness and self-regulation, self-esteem and empathy.

At night, the night tutor will ensure that all is well, and the children sleep and relax. We also have specialists such as the riding instructor and a lifeguard for the pool.

*The Método La Granja has scientifically proved that it significantly improves the 5 emotional competences in children after they visit La Granja in the summer (Study carried out by the GROP (Research Group for Educational Orientation) of the University of Barcelona, November 2017).

dates and prices 2021

  • From 4-10th July: 430 € (Sunday 5pm to Saturday 12am)
  • From 11-17th July: 430 € (Sunday 5pm to Saturday 12am)
  • From 18-24th July: 430 € (Sunday 5pm to Saturday 12am)
  • From 25-31st July: 430 € (Sunday 5pm to Saturday 12am)
  • From 27th June to 3rd July: English summer camp. For more info click here.

If we are required to cancel a week of camp, for reasons that do not depend directly on us, we will relocate the registered children to another week where there is availability.

Open House Days for 2021: March 30th, April 17th and 18th, May 24th and June 5th. 

Time: Information meeting 11am.

If we cannot have onsite open houses due to the present pandemic situation, we will schedule online presentations with Zoom.

Register here.

For further info please call 93 848 11 25  and ask for Laura or Olga or send an email to Our office hours are 10am to 4pm.

The price includes: Full bed and board (from Sunday to Saturday), English course and activities directed and organized by qualified instructors, horseback riding with the whole class, 24 hour a day tutoring (adjustment, medications, special diets, allergies…), licensed lifeguard with experience, and bed linen (sleeping bag not required).

The price does not include: Transportation or laundry service.


Steps to be followed:

  1. Enter the link INSCRIPCION to choose the week you are interested in. Fill in the registration sheet and pay 90 € with card. If you do not complete the operation, for some reason, the resrvation will be kept for 48 hours. After this time, it will automatically be erased without the possibility of recovering it.
  2. If you have any questions please call 93 848 11 25 or send an email to:,  we are at your disposal!!!
  3. The rest of the payment will be made in our offices when you bring your children.

Registration is open from January 9th.


register now!

10 % discount

For children of infant, primary and secondary school teachers*

Siblings: 10%

*Cannot be added to the sibling discount (present documents to certify).

what do parents think?

¡¡Sois fantásticos!! No paramos de mirar el video… nos encanta!!

¡¡La experiencia ha sido súper!!

Gracias por el amor dado estos días, gracias por la autoestima regalada, gracias por la responsabilidad compartida…. el mundo iría mejor con una Granja en cada casa.

la granja method

The Método La Granja  trains the emotional competences in children, teenagers and adults. Its results have been evaluated and scientifically proved by the GROP (Research Group in Educational Orientation) of the UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA, showing an increase in the 5 emotional competences in children after their visit to La Granja.

Twelve years ago we began training our monitors in EMOTIONAL EDUCATION and the results have been impressive. As a result of our experience working with children from schools during the year, we have developed a summer camp project with the intent that they not only have a great time relating to each other, but also train them to become more emotionally intelligent.

We believe that summer camp is a part of the child’s education as a person. Here they will have experiences that can only take place outside the family and the school. If we teach them to become aware of their emotions (anger, sadness, joy…) and provide them with the necessary tools, they will learn how to manage them in a positive way and improve their self-esteem, trust and relations to others.

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