summer camp 100% english

con equitación. para niños y niñas de 1º de primaria a 2º de eso

activities, safety, protocol and cancellation rules.

Apart from following the recommendations of the Health Authorities, we will also have the personalized assessment from a physician and an epidemiologist in order to guarantee the safety of children, families and coworkers.
Access will be restricted and there will be temperature control, safety distancing, reduced number of participants, daily disinfection of facilities and turning La Granja into a restricted area.

The safety and health protocol will be updated according to the new measures notified periodically by the Departement of Health and Youth.

This is the protocol for the 2020 summer camps: PROTOCOLO COVID-19


We are working on the common thread of the 2021 summer camp. Will be available soon



  • Horseback riding. Leadership with horses

  • The thermometer of self-esteem. The climbing wall

  • Mission possible. Sailing as a team

  • Circuit for Guiding or Being guided. Building log cabins

  • Theatre.

  • Sports

  • Activities with animals


  • Disco, games with flashlights, stories and observation of the sky, night trekking  and farewell party.


08:30am Good morning and leaving room tidy
09:00am Breakfast and “How do we feel today?”
10:00am Morning activities
12:00am Swimming pool
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Recess (board games, game corners, soccer, basketball…)
3:00pm Afternoon activities
5:00pm Afternoon snack
5:30pm Horseback riding class
7:00pm Shower and leaving bedroom tidy
8:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Night activity
10:00pm Getting ready for bedtime
11:00pm Good night

summer camp 100% english!

Summer camp 100% in english, to learn the language while practicing, by repetition and expnading vocabulary. English will be spoken practically all day long, with special emphasis on daily routines since everyday tasks and repetition are essential to help strengthen basic grammatical structures and vocabulary.

reservations beginning January 9th!

Open house days in 2021: March 30th, April 17th and 18th, May 24th and June 5th. 

Time: Information meeting at 11am.

If onsite open houses cannot take place due to the present situation, we will arrange them on line using Zoom.

Register here.

For more info please call 93 848 11 25  and ask for Laura or Olga or send an email to Our office hours are from 10am to 4pm.

our monitors/teachers

They are all highly trained, with a great vocation and very trustworthy. Each teacher has the aid of an Assistant and is in charge of approximately 15 children, grouped together by age. During their stay at camp, the monitor will motivate them by using language, the cohesion and control of the group and promoting the use of English with challenges and rewards.

Activities are designed so that the children will have a great time, sharing and practicing English.

In the evening, the night tutor will see to it that all goes well, ensuring sleep and relaxation. We also have at our disposal specialists in horseback riding and a lifeguard for pool time.

dates and prices 2021

  • From June 27th to July 3rd: 430 € (Sunday at 5pm to Saturday at 12 noon).

The price includes: Full bed and board (from Sunday to Saturday), English course and activities directed and organized by qualified instructors, horseback riding with the whole class, 24 hour a day tutoring (adjustment, medications, special diets, allergies…), licensed lifeguard with experience, and bed linen (sleeping bag not required).

The price does not include: Transportation or laundry service.

Reservations directly in web

Steps to be followed:

  1. Enter the link INSCRIPCION to choose the week you are interested in. Fill in the registration sheet and pay 90 € with card. If you do not complete the operation, for some reason, the resrvation will be kept for 48 hours. After this time, it will automatically be erased without the possibility of recovering it.
  2. If you have any questions please call 93 848 11 25 or send an email to:,  we are at your disposal!!!
  3. The rest of the payment will be made in our offices when you bring your children.

Registration is open from January 9th.


what should you bring?

  • 6 changes of clothes (shorts, t-shirts, underwear).
  • 1 pair of pants, 1 sweater.
  • Toiletry bag (shampoo, sun screen, bug repellent).
  • Towels for bath, shower and pool.
  • Swimming suit. Flip flops and cap.
  • Comfortable shoewear and/or sneakers. Socks.
  • Pijamas, flashlight.
  • Riding gear: pants, boots and helmet (we can provide helmet if you do not have one. Pants can be tights of any kind. If you don’t have boots you can find them at a good price at the Decathlon store; Mark them well with their name, since they are all the same).

Optional: ping pong paddles and ball.

Sleeping bag is not required (beds are already equipped). We recommend bringing a backpack or suitcase with wheels. No cell phones or electronic games are allowed. The children should not bring medication in their bags or toiletry kits. They should give it directly to us the day they arrive (at the offices or to the monitor).

Please mark all clothes, shoes and so on with their name to avoid losing them.

¡inscríbete ahora!

what should you bring?

Download here aquí the PDF with the list of material and how to operate!

app para el seguimiento de las colonias

10 % discount

For children of infant, primary and secondary school teachers*

Siblings: 10%

*Cannot be added to the sibling discount (attach documents to certify).

la granja method

The Método La Granja  trains the emotional competences in children, teenagers and adults. Its results have been evaluated and scientifically proved by the GROP (Research Group in Educational Orientation) of the UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA, showing an increase in the 5 emotional competences in children after their visit to La Granja.

Twelve years ago we began training our monitors in EMOTIONAL EDUCATION and the results have been impressive. As a result of our experience working with children from schools during the year, we have developed a summer camp project with the intent that they not only have a great time relating to each other, but also train them to become more emotionally intelligent.

We believe that summer camp is a part of the child’s education as a person. Here they will have experiences that can only take place outside the family and the school. If we teach them to become aware of their emotions (anger, sadness, joy…) and provide them with the necessary tools, they will learn to manage them in a positive way and improve their self-esteem, their trust and their relations with others.