centers of interest for teenagers

At La Granja, Ability Training Center we offer two programs with a specific center of interest that last 3 days (2 nights) where we will work in the following areas (social studies, nature studies, languages, technology, etc..). We also offer resources to continue working during two more days back in school.

1. turning your emotions into allies for your future

To teach students the importance of becoming familiar with your own feelings, learning how to manage them in a positive way, as well as improving empathy and our relations with others. We will work on important aspects such as improvement of self-esteem, the ability to work as a team and solving conflicts.

2. intensive english & adventure

A program with a center of interest focused on the English language so that students have the chance to practice it while doing different sports. The connecting theme will be “Natural Leaders”: Each group will choose one of the leaders we propose (Obama, Gandhi, Luther King, Mandela, etc.).

It includes: Full bed and board and program

Price course 2020-2021: 3 days, 2 nights (Monday to Wednesday) 117,30€ – January to March.

day visit to complement the program of your choice

We also offer a day visit tailored to the needs of your program with a specific center of interest. Please call and tell us what you need!

Price course 2020-2021: 13,90€