visiting the farm

We propose a day full of activities with the animals and horses at La Granja, and the experience of new sensations riding on a wagon and strolling through the magical forest.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • THE FARM ANIMALS: A route around La Granja to observe, touch and learn about the farm animals, to understand what they’re like, what they eat, how they reproduce and the different ways in which we benefit from them.
  • THE MAGICAL FOREST: During a stroll through the forest we will meet a fantastic character who will teach us to love and respect our natural environment.
  • RIDING A WAGON: The experience of riding a wagon pulled by a horse, one of our best friends at La Granja.
  • PEPA THE FARMER: (Kindergarden) this endearing character will give us the gift of a magical egg to take back to school…its magic will help us work on skills such as commitment and responsibility.
  • HORSEBACK RIDING: (6-7 year olds) The experience of riding a horse inside a riding rink

Animals: horses, ponies, donkey, cow, pigs, wild boars, rabbits, goats, sheep, emú, chickens, cocks and hens, ducks, geese, turkey.