enjoy spring at the montseny

At the end of a long winter nature prepares for an explosion of a thousand colours, the fields are covered with flowers and it is the perfect time for students to leave the classroom and breathe the fresh air of spring outdoors, enjoying a stroll through the woods to observe and learn.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • BECOMING LITTLE MICE: With the help of magic we will explore a very special forest.
  • THE MAGICAL FOREST: We will meet a fantastic character who will tell us all about the forest’s inhabitants in the spring and promote love and respect for nature.
  • THE FOREST IN SPRING: Observation while strolling through the forest will help us discover its peculiarities during spring.
  • THE ANIMALS IN SPRING: A visit to the animals at La Granja in this time of breeding.
  • THE MAGICAL PLANT: We will meet someone very special who will teach the children tricks to protect our environment every day. Their challenge will be to take care of a plant for the rest of the school year.