how to tolerate frustration

training skills

The feeling of frustration appears when we don’t conquer our wishes, our desires; this gives rise to feelings of anger and abandoning the task at hand. We will train the necessary skills and learn to tolerate frustration.

for 8-9 year olds and 10-16 year olds


  • WHAT IS FRUSTRATION? THE ABILITY OF PATIENCE: Introduction. We work emotional awareness.
  • FRUSTRATION LABYRINT: Activity for teams in the maze where we have to tolerate our colleagues win.
  • THE POSSIBLE MISSION: Circuit with different challenges where success and failure will face an unfair situation, training patience and perseverance to focus on what can change and accept what they can not control. We train emotional self-control and teamwork.
  • THE HORSE TESTING US: Try to guide the horse to a specific area and make him stay.