helping our planet

The objective is to make children aware that it’s important to do little deeds every day to help keep our planet safe and clean, with the advantage of being in touch with nature… they will also get to know a very special type of seeds…

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • DISCOVERING AND KEEPING OUR FOREST CLEAN: Strolling through the woods we will feel, observe and smell the scent of the forest; the trees, fruits, nuts and leaves…we will also learn how to keep it clean.
  • THE FOREST MESSENGER: meeting with a fantastic character in the woods who will teach us how to keep the forest clean. The children will learn that caring for the forest is also a way of caring for ourselves.
  • ADVENTURE CIRCUIT: A fun circuit to promote psychomotor activity in the midst of nature, a soothing experience to take them away from the everyday hustle and bustle.
  • THE MESSENGER’S SEEDS: To thank us for our help the Forest Messenger will give us some very special seeds to take with us when we go: seeds of joy, of patience, of responsibility and empathy…the children will have to water them to keep them alive when they return to school.