chestnut festivity

The objective is to promote contact with nature, as well as learn about this popular Catalan festivity; to enjoy the feeling of strolling through the woods in autumn, observing the changes in nature at this time of year.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • THE STORY OF THE CHESTNUT LADY: A traditional Catalan story  to introduce this popular festivity.
  • DISCOVERING OUR FOREST: Strolling through the forest, smelling and observing the natural surroundings to discover the autumn season at this time of the year and learning about the chestnut tree in particular.
  • MEETING MRS CHESTNUT: Mrs Chestnut will introduce us to this festivity full of magic and imagination that children love.
  • EATING CHESTNUTS: At the end of the day visit, after lunch outdoors in one of our nearby fields, we will eat roasted chestnuts with magical Mrs Chestnut.

for 8-9 and 10-16 year olds


  • ITINERARY THROUGH NATURE: In the morning we will stroll around the Montseny Natural Park to promote contact with nature and learn more about the chestnut tree and other species of plants and trees. We will also collect samples of leaves and plants to take back to school and study.
  • EATING CHESTNUTS: After lunch outdoors in one of our nearby fields we will eat roasted chestnuts.

The bus will have to be available in the morning for the tour to the nearby forest (a total distance of about 10 km); please inform your bus company about this. The forests inside the Natural Park are protected areas and it is therefore not allowed to gather or pick plant samples indiscriminately.