This program intends to make children enjoy a day full of magic to break away from everyday routine, rules and regulations, and allow them to let their imagination fly in the midst of nature; with the fresh breeze and a smile on their face they will learn and feel closer to this traditional festivity.

kindergarden, 6-7 and 8-9 year olds


  • MEETING THE CARNIVAL KING: Strolling through the forest we will meet the extravagant character known as the Carnival King.
  • THE SLIDE OF DISINHIBITION: While involved in this atmosphere of fun and games the children will enjoy tumbling and somersaulting down a giant slide!
  • DANCE REHEARSAL: We will work on movement, coordination and memory by dancing.
  • DRESSING UP: We will dress up, put on makeup (all provided by La Granja) and prepare for the Grand Carnival Parade.
  • LET THE SHOW BEGIN: The Carnival King will lead the ceremony and preside the show put on by the children… this will also help to overcome embarassment and train their memory.
  • THE CARNIVAL PARADE: The Carnival King will lead us in this grand parade full of fun and joy where everyone is in disguise!