bathed by the woods

feeling, breathing nature, deceleration and active listening

The lack of contact with nature produces stress and anxiety in children. This day visit has the objective of promoting contact with the natural environment and especially with the forest, by connecting the children to it through their senses, maximizing the emotional awareness of the present, concentrating on “feeling” rather than “thinking”.

for 6-7 year olds to 10-11 year olds


  • BATHED BY THE WOODS: To underline the importance of being in touch with nature. Introducing practical information on how we are affected by the lack of this type of contact both physically and emotionally.
  • BAREFOOT IN THE FOREST: A walk through the woods to experience the feeling of going barefoot in the forest. We will work on emotional awareness, overcoming fears, and learning about our senses.
  • HUG ME: Workshop on hugs… how many types of hugs are there? We will work on the skills of emotional self-regulation and empathy.
  • CONNECTING WITH MYSELF: Contact with nature helps us to connect with ourselves and learn more about who we are. We will work on emotional awareness.
  • ADOPTING A TREE: What member of my family does this tree remind me of? Emotional awareness related with family ties and background.