i want to be bisbi

overcoming fear, anger management, jealousy and patience

Nana Bunilda is a  character created by the writer Mercè Companys, who leads us through an incredible adventure and teaches us how to identify and manage our emotions (fear, anger, jealousy).

kindergarden to second grade (3 days-2 nights)


  • LET’S GO TO THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC: Discovering the skills needed to become a good Bisbi!  We will work on the concept of  emotional awareness.
  • TRAINING TO BECOME A BISBI: A fun psychomotor circuit in the midst of nature to train to become a Bisbi. We will work on the concept of emotional autonomy.
  • NANA BUNILDA: Meeting this endearing character.
  • NANA’S FRIENDS: With the help of the animals at La Granja we will learn about jealousy. We will work on the concept of emotional awareness (empathy).
  • TRANSFORMING SELFISHNESS: Learning to transform selfishness into delicious cookies?
  • A WALK THROUGH THE MAGIC FOREST: Meeting a character with a very bad temper!
  • TRANSFORMING BAD TEMPER: We will learn to transform bad temper (anger) into good humor. We will work on the ability to manage our emotions.
  • BECOMING A BISBI!!!: Remember what we have learned and take with us a pot full of magic.

night activities:

  • BEDTIME STORY: Bedtime story of Nana Bunilda under the stars.
  • TRANSFORMING FEAR: A walk through the woods with flashlights where we will learn the magic that helps us transform fear into sweets.