the farm of life

emotional awareness, emotional autonomy and team work

A story, seeds of joy, a vegetable garden, magic, a wish, our strength, a dream… The objective is to become emotionally aware and train the management of our emotions with the aid of a story called “The garden of life”. This will help us understand our basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness and joy.

for 6-9 year olds (3 days-2 nights)


  • FINDING THE STONES: To find the stones we will have to be brave and overcome challenges such as working together as a team in an adventure circuit. We will train team work.
  • MEETING LADY FEAR (The magical forest): We will become acquainted with a lady that everyone runs from. Listening to her we will understand all there is to know about fear, why it is useful and why we all feel it sometime or other. She will also tell us about her sister Lady Bravery. We will work on the concept of emotional awareness.
  • ENJOY THE FUN OF THE GIANT SLIDE: Enjoy the joy and excitement that helps us to transform our problems into sweets and candy. Joy is also the most moving and motivating of all emotions. We will train the skill to generate positive emotions in ourselves.
  • MEETING LADY ANGER (The Magical Forest): A very strong and not fully understood lady, who dislikes injustice…  We will have to leave a space for her in our heart to understand her mission within each of us. We will work on emotional awareness.
  • THE CIRCUIT OF EMOTIONS: A circuit that will help us feel different emotions, getting to know them more deeply and becoming their friend, having fun as we learn about them. We will train team work and emotional self control.
  • MEETING LADY SADNESS (The Magical Forest): A slightly lazy but delicate girl who will help to cure the aching in our soul and make us stronger and wiser! She will explain how she emerges every time we suffer. We will work on emotional awareness.
  • THE SEED SHOP: This is the moment we must decide what we wish to plant or not plant in the garden of  our life. We will work on emotional autonomy and decision making.
  • MY SEEDS: We will make our own little sack where each of the kids  will put the seeds they have bought at the shop; those that he/she wishes to keep closest to his heart. We will work on emotional awareness.
  • A FEW SEEDS FOR THE CLASS: joy, patience, responsibility and empathy will have to be “watered” during the school year and they will become our emotional anchorage so as not to forget to train them during the rest of the year.

activities night:

  • BEDTIME STORY: We will read the story of “The Garden of Life” under the stars and relax before going to bed.
  • THE FOREST AT NIGHT:  A walk through the forest with flashlights where we will train overcoming fear of darkness.

This program can de adapted to 2 days/1 night.