planet assistants

environmental awareness, team work and generosity

The objective of this program is to bring the children closer to todays environmental challenges to promote respect and love for their natural environment with the help of the Magical Forest, where mythical characters live together in total harmony and complicity with nature.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds (3 days-2 nights)


  • HELPING OUR PLANET: With the use of our imagination we will make children aware of the importance of taking care and respecting our natural environment.
  • DISCOVERING AND KEEPING OUR FORESTS CLEAN: As we stroll through the woods we observe and learn about its inhabitants, both plants and animals, as well as doing things to keep the forest clean. We will also work on commitment and cooperation.
  • THE MAGICAL FOREST: We will meet a fantasy character who will speak to us about the forest and its inhabitants, encouraging the children to use their imagination, and respect, love and care for the forest.
  • A BATH OF FOREST: Experience the feeling of walking barefoot through the woods and becoming aware of the connection we have with the earth, as well as training our senses.
  • FIELD WORK: Discovering the insects and animals that live in the forest.
  • THE RECYCLING GAME: Inside an adventure circuit we will play a game of cooperation that will help us learn to classify rubbish according to the materials it is made of. We will train our memory, and learn to cooperate and pay attention to our surroundings.
  • ARE WE HELPING THE PLANET? A closing activity where we decide what to do from now on to earn the title of Helpers of the Planet.
  • THE MESSENGER’S SEEDS: To express his gratitude for our commitment, the forest messenger will give us a few very special seeds to take to the classroom; the seeds of generosity, responsibility, respect and patience. To create an attachment with these feelings in the form of seeds, they will have to water them and upkeep them during the rest of the school year.

activities night:

  • THE FOREST BY NIGHT: A stroll through the forest at night using flashlights where we will discover its darkness and train our courage.

  • THE GOOD NIGHT TALE: Through the stories we will enhance the imagination of children while we relax to go to sleep.