forest bath

emotional awareness, environmental awareness, patience and deceleration

The objective is to make the students aware of the importance  of being in contact with nature, both for the knowledge and learning experience as well as the enjoyment.

8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds and 12-17 year olds (3 days-2 nights)


  • A BATH OF FOREST: Promoting the importance of being in contact with nature as a part of our lives. The scientific consequences of living in an artificial world.
  • AN ITINERARI THROUGH NATURE AND CLEANING UP THE FOREST: An outing to learn about the different vegetable species and their adjustment to climate. We will collect samples of leaves to make a herbarium, as well as contribute to keeping the forest clean.
  • FIELD WORK: By marking off different sections of the forest, the groups will be able to observe and collect the information necessary to do our field work, as well as promote the ability to work as a team and also a sense of responsibility.
  • ADVENTURE IN THE FOREST: Dynamic and fun circuits and activities to promote team work and improve group cohesion.
  • THE LIFE CYCLE OF TREES: We will learn to interpret the passage of time by the signs left on the trees and their leaves.
  • OUR COMMITMENT: Each student makes a commitment to do something in favour of preserving the environment.
  • CONNECTING WITH MYSELF: barefoot in the forest I will connect with myself.

activities night:

  • NIGHT GAMES: Traditional camp games to enjoy contact with nature at night.
  • DISCO PARTY: Dancing to overcome shyness and improve group cohesion.