school camps

invite action, inspire positive thoughts, breathe nature, overcome fears, trust...

what makes us different?

  • An independent house and dining room all to yourselves
  • 250.000 square meters of facilities completely dedicated to education
  • Homemade food, including any type of food intolerance or allergies
  • Monitors trained in Emotional ed. and/or who speak in three languages to perform activities in English
  • Free training in Emotional ed. for teachers who come to camp with their students
  • Camp in English with no added cost from 3rd grade on
  • We work with the intent to train the social skills of students such as team work, empathy, positive communication, self-esteem, and so on. Tell us what the specific needs or difficulties of your group are and we will address them during the activities with the La Granja Method©
programschildish1st primary cycle2nd primary cycle3rd primary cycleesocategory
I want to be Bisbitable dottable dotEmotional Ed.
The Land of Five Kingdomstable dottable dottable dotEmotional Ed.
The Farm of Lifetable dottable dotEmotional Ed.
i take care of me to take care of youtable dottable dotEmotional Ed.
Great Entrepreneurstable dottable dotEmotional Ed.
Planet Assistantstable dottable dotEnvironment
Little Farmerstable dottable dotLa Granja
Forest Bathtable dottable dottable dotSenses
Halloweentable dottable dottable dotPopular parties table dot
The Big Adventuretable dottable dottable dotAdventure table dot
Intensive Englishtable dottable dotEnglish table dot
Around the Worldtable dottable dotEnglish table dot
Prehistorytable dottable dottable dotThematic
The Pirate Adventuretable dottable dotAdventure
The tributable dottable dotThematic

information and reservations:

Reserve now! Call us at 93 848 11 25 or write to us at

what if it rains?

If it rains we adapt the activities and the program; we also have indoor facilities and porches. If the students bring waterproof clothing (and water boots) we will provide a unique experience under the rain, a feeling they rarely have the opportunity to enjoy.

what to bring?

Sleeping bag, pillowcase, flashlight, comfortable footwear, toiletries, shower towel, comfortable clothes, a cap or hat, sunblock (spring-summer), water boots and raincoat (in case of rain), warm coat (autumn – winter).

price includes:

  • Full bed and board throughout your stay (from first day lunch to last day lunch).
  • All activities described in chosen program, from the first day at 10am.
  • One teacher free of charge for every 10 students (every 8 for Infant Ed).
  • Groups of 15-20 students (see ratios).
  • Discount of 10% to 30% for children of school teachers.

camp fellowships:

  • For low income students check here for further information and conditions.
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