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La Granja Verano Educación Emocional
La Granja Verano

Programs designed to minimize effectively the important emotional consequences of the lockdown on children and teenagers aged 3 to 17. With our usual rigor (the Método La Granja has been scientifically evaluated and proven), our 35 years of experience and the exceptional safety sanitary measures required, we offer schools different programs: they can be one day visits or camps for several days. We will provide pupils with the chance to “spill out” what they have experienced and emotionally “clean out” by getting rid of the negative aspects and not having to face the school year with latent unresolved feelings.

Program COURAGE OF THE PIXIES for 3 to 7 year olds

The objective is that children connect with nature, animals, horses, breathing fresh air outdoors, as well as promote social skills (empathy, trust, bonding) that have been left somewhat aside during lockdown, practicing the courage to face the fears that have probably risen during this time. Our final objective is to provide tools for managing fears as individuals and as a group in class. With the invaluable help of Lily, queen of the Pixies in the Montseny , who can waken Mrs Courage from her sleep with the magic key, we want to help children empty out their fears and discouragement to give way to the joy of smiling together again.


The objective is to empty out the negative emotions and experiences of the lockdown to give way in our inside “storage room” to more positive emotions. But first we must give closure to this strange period we have lived, understanding what we have felt and being able to transform it and integrate it as just another chapter in our life, in order to continue our adventure and refill ourselves, adding a new ability to our set of tools: to become generators of positive states of mind. Activities such as Bathing in the Forest, Weaving new relations and the Life adventure circuit will help you fill up with positive emotions (joy, trust, feeling safe, understanding) and understand what we have experienced and felt.

Program A CHAPTER IN OUR HISTORY. 12 to 16 year olds

By doing three powerful activities, we intend to unblock, release tension and create a space where expression among equals is possible, to face the strong emotional consequences of the lockdown experience for teenagers. Another objective is to make them aware of the power of emotions on our thoughts and behaviour, so they can learn to  manage what they feel, and not viceversa, gaining awareness of the things they have suffered and maybe not expressed during these past few months.
The metaphore A chapter in our history hopes to visualize the experience of the pandemic as a transforming one, both personally and socially, to give meaning to our emotional scars and motivate our teenagers towards a new mission; to make a better world.

And to prepare teachers for their return, we have the program “filling up again”

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