emotional ed counseling for summer camps and/or schools

A custom-made counseling service with training in emotional education, for teams that wish to do activities for the management of emotions with their students, both in school or during other complementary activities (after-school activities, lunch room, …)

It is addressed to schools, PTAS and organizations that carry out educational activities during the summer and/or during the school year and wish to offer an educational project adapted to the emotional consequences that the lockdown is having on children (managing negative emotions such as fear, anger or sadness).

Duration: 7 days (30 hrs). Includes training  a team of a maximum of 25 people,  and personal counseling in relation to the program of activities they are doing. One week of training (20hrs) + 2 days supervision on site during the first week of camp (to be arranged with the center).

Price: 1.485€+10%AVT (+transportation fees).

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Format: In person at the site of the educational center or organization.


-Introduction to emotions
-Fear vs Courage
-Anxiety vs Serenity
-Rage vs Calm
-Joy vs Happiness
-Dynamic activities with an emotional edge:
-What is the profile of an educator who teaches emotional activities?
-How to teach the emotional aspect of a leisure activity?

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