emotional family camps in august

2 to 6 or 9 to 13 of August

We offer you five very, very special days, not only in the middle of the nature of the Montseny Natural Park, with horses and farm animals. It will be special because of something more important; being together as a family like never before; playing while working as a team, laughing while trusting each other and having fun learning together the tricks of positive communication.

Understanding all that we feel and that often overwhelms young and old is the first step towards becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Family. And the aim of the camps is, day by day, little by little and having fun, to get closer to this super objective.

With all the sanitary measures of Procicat, with daily temperature rush, hand washing after each activity, one room per family, private toilet, bubble groups and a table for each family in the dining room (with ventilation 10 hours a day). The rooms are disinfected after each use, and daily cleaning follows the new protocols.

The price includes: Morning, afternoon and evening activities with Emotional Educators trained in the La Granja Method. Accommodation and full board. Homemade food, made at La Granja and adapted to food intolerances.

Example activities: Leadership with the Horse, The Overcoming Rockodrome, Sailing as a Team, The Circuit of Confidence and Responsibility, Weaving New Relationships, The Path of Life, Circuit of Balance etc.

Emotional competences trained: empathy, self-esteem, overcoming fears, courage, responsibility, active listening, patience, tolerating frustration, emotional awareness, positive communication.

TYPE OF ROOMS (adult and child prices are different):

  • Standard room with private bathroom: private room with W.C. outside the room for the exclusive use of your family. Price child from 3 years old: 205€ (under 3 years old: 86€); adult price: 245€. (baby up to 12 months free)
  • Special Room: private room with W.C. inside the room. Price child from 3 years old: 216€ (under 3 years old: 86€); adult price: 270€. (baby up to 12 months free)
  • Room Plus: private room with W.C. inside the room, TV and fridge. Price child from 3 years old: 224€ (under 3 years old: 86€); adult price: 290€. (baby up to 12 months free)

The price includes: full board from lunch on the 1st day to lunch on the last day. Accommodation in rooms with bunk beds (sheet underneath). If you want full bed linen so you don’t need a sleeping bag, there is an extra charge* of 4,9€/bed (towels not included).

Arrival: 12h Departure: 12h

Activity recommended for families with children from 4 years old, to make the most of the emotional activities.

medidas de seguridad

Cumplimiento de la normativa de seguridad sanitaria del Departamento de Joventut de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Acceso restringido con toma de temperatura diaria, distancias de seguridad, disminución de plazas, desinfección diaria, lavado de manos más de 5 veces al día, mesas individuales para cada familia, no compartir ni habitaciones ni wc, actividades al aire libre.


La familia es como una barca, lo vi en la actividad de Navegar en equipo. Cuando queremos llegar a puerto y remamos juntos, todo es más fácil. A veces remamos los padres, pero también hace falta que dejemos remar a los hijos.” Elena (madre)

“Los padres, para algunos, sólo sirven para poner límites, pero hemos descubierto que no. Y mi madre ha recuperado la calma.” Elíes, 10 años