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la granja outdoor training, el acelerador de competencias

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la granja outdoor training, an accelerator of competences

La Granja, Ability Training Center, offers businesses and organizations  Outdoor Training or Team Building,  designed to transform the attitude of people and teams,  stemming from emotion and the aid of nature, with the use of powerful experience-based activities, a true accelerator of competences. Using the tools of emotional education and the effective La Granja Method, registered and with proven scientific results (evaluated by the GROP of the University of Barcelona, November 2017). With our usual rigor, an excellent service, our particular Granja Outlook (learned from the authenticity of children) that manages to move and inspire all participants, we offer days full of intensity, impact and knowledge. Emphasis is on how we combine potential with people feeling thay are being cared for, because sometimes we all need to feel special, right?

Our centre is La Granja Escuela de Sta Maria de Palautordera, with 250.000M2 and 70 activities for training skills,.

The results obtained with teams have been very satisfactory, such as improvement in team work and communication, increased empathy and self-esteem, decrease in stress levels and feelings of mistrust, as well as improvement in group cohesion and commitment.

Companies that have already tried it: Catalán Institute of Health (ICS), Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Espai Dental, Ikea, Infojobs, Bayer, Henkel, FC Barcelona, Catalònia Hotels & Resorts, Grup Pyrénées d’Andorra, University of Barcelona, Blanquerna University, International University.

what we do during outdoor training?

The activities are designed according to the needs of each company. Work on the competences is experience-based and practical, using horses, adventure circuits, boats, farm animal, log cabins in  the woods, mazes or castles, and they include: team work, alignment, positive communication, commitment, assertive communication, error management, emotional awareness, emotional self-regulation, understanding emotions, conflict management, rage and anger, self-esteem, empathy, anxiety, stress and pressure, tolerating frustration, self-motivation, patience, emotional autonomy, optimism, complaint management, ego and generosity, vanity vs. humility, ability to look and see, creativity and proactivity.

how we do it

Using the La Granja Method, based on the experience and experimentation of participants, with challenges that are both motivating and fun. Surprises will be a part of the exercise, as well as joy and courage and the use of metaphores, surrounded by forest in the midst of nature.Using observation, the art of asking questions and feedback, the emotional educator will help the unconscious become conscious. Each activity will have a specific intent and will train several skills or competences simultaneously.

Example of activities during one day of Outdoor Training from 9am to 4pm.

During this time we will do three activities and have a VIP meal in the forest. Each activity will last one and a half hours aprox, divided into three parts: Setting the challenge, Activity itself and Reflection. Activities are always designed according to the needs of every company or organization:

  • LEADERSHIP AND CO-LEADERSHIP WITH A HORSE: to help understand self and co-leadership and the skills it takes, especially when your professional work companions are distant. Certainty and trust in oneself and others are key when being followed by a 500kg horse. Also important are empathy, how you communicate and strategy. We train: emotional awareness, leadership, co-leadership, team work, courage, trust and empathy.
  • THE CIRCUIT OF ANXIETY: a wooden maze which graphically and metaphorically helps understand and establish the difference between stress and anxiety, as well as become aware of the meaning of pressure, giving the participants practical tools to manage and regulate anxiety, stress and pressure in a positive way. We train: self-awareness,  management of anxiety, stress and pressure, emotional awareness, emotional self-regulation, creativity.
  • THE MISSION: this intense activity is made up of different challenges to train working as a team: the wheel, the path of success, the platforms and the skiis of solidarity. Talents may show up that were perhaps hidden within the group, leading to the perception that no one alone knows as much as the sum of the group as a whole. We train: work as a team, emotional awareness, discovering hidden talents, communication, strategy, organization, leadership.
  • SAILING AS A TEAM: powerful and risky activity where participants must overcome different challenges aboard some unstable boats in the pool. Metaphorically and graphically, this activity is a challenge to any team, and allows to observe individual and group reaction in the face of dificulties. We train: team work, emotional awareness and self-regulation, leadership, strategy, synchronization, tolerating frustration, creativity, proactivity, communication and error management.
  • CLOSURE: final activity where reflections will be aimed at designing an individual and/or group plan of action.

organization of the La Granja Outdoor Training (Example of one day):

  • 9.00am – Arrival and coffee break (homemade pie, sandwiches, refreshments, coffee…)
  • 10.00am – Presentation and introductions.
  • 10.15am – Activity 1
  • 11.30am – Activity 2
  • 1.00pm – Activity 3
  • 2.15pm – Vip meal in the forest
  • 4.00pm – End


CERTIFICATES: Futbol Club Barcelona / La Fageda Henkel Grup Pyrénées Andorra / Universitat de Barcelona

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